Character Creation

Starting Your Character

Creating a character in Simple System is extremely quick and easy. You need only choose 3 pieces of information and record the corresponding values. The information that you choose is the Race, Class, and the Skill sets for your character. Based on these 3 choices, all statistics for characters can be calculated using simple addition and then recorded on your Character Sheet.

To get a see an overview of the rules and to learn tips and tricks for new players see the New Player's Guide or try the Character Tool

Choosing Race


Players will choose from the following list of races. The stats shown are the base stats that the player will record on his character sheet. These stats will be modified by the selected class. Additional characteristics from each race should be remembered by the players in order to play in character. Players do not have to follow the characteristics and may adapt their character's role however they wish.

Pick from the Race List

Choosing Class


Players will choose from the following list of classes. Classes will provide a character stat bonuses. These stat bonuses are added to the base value and the total is recorded on the character sheet. Additionally the class selection will provide a list of skill sets to choose from, this is the list of skill sets that the player is allowed to choose from when picking skills. The class will also determine what kind of weapons and armor that a character can use. Lastly the class will start with specific items to suit their class, which should be recorded on the character sheet.

The characteristics listed for each class are similar to the race characteristics. They are to be used to help the player assume a role while playing. Like race characteristics, players are free to alter their class characteristics to what suits their character.

Pick from the Class List

Choosing Skill Sets

The Class description as well as the Skill Set headings will let you know which skills that you may choose from.

Pick from the Skill List

Additional References: Skill set Rules

Purchasing Equipment

Purchase from the Item Shops

Additional References: Inventory Rules

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